As I plan my big trip I’ll document some of the many website, guides, tips etc I’ve come upon.

– Pintrest Board of Amazing places to Travel: A nice visual way to decide where to go.
– Business Insiders: 100 places to travel to.
– NomadicMatt: Guides to places
– Trey Ratcliff Stuck In Customs blog: If your into beautiful amazing places to photograph
– Leave Your Daily Hell:  Insightful tips about how to make the best in your travels.
Where the Hell is Matt: An inspirational story and great videos of places worldwide.

– Larissa Paks:  Larissa is going around the world and wrote this up after we spoke.
– TEDx Global map: Thousands of TEDx events globally. A great community to find meetups worldwide, even on “traveling”
Wiki Visa Map: USA Passport map Visa needs. Search other passports as well.
“Around World Airfare” Map: Fun map to tinker . Global or Regional discounts.
Harvard Alumni Travels: Who knew. Look into groups your in, and see if they offer trips.
Rough Guides: A simple and visual guide to must do’s.

– No Reservations Map: Episodes of Anthony Bordains food travels. (his travel tips)

Airbnb: awesome easy way to rent a whole place, room, or castle.
CouchSurfing: Free community to crash couches, but also to find people to just meet.
HotelTonight: For those emergency moments, huge discounts on main hotels the day of. The world of hostels. More Hostels

– Working Weekends On Orgnic Farms: Exchange work for food+ housing at farms around world!
WorkAway: A bit of Work in exchange for a bit of Living around the world.(20 euro membership)
HelpX: Exchange work for accommodations and food. Sometime just ask to stay for free. (20 euro membership)

– Word Lens(Android, iOS): Live translate large printed text in real time.
– Point It Book: Portable small book with visuals of many things to communicate.
– Talking Translator Apps: There are tons of free apps out there. Get one.

Global Insurance: Global Insurance package which you can customize.
Global Health Map: where ya need to take vaccines, shots, etc before you arrive.

If you have any suggestions, post in comments.