(My first meal in India, in Varanasi called a Thali which gives an assortment of the dishes to mix. Very cheap to. About $2)

Tomorrow ends my 4 weeks in India and I’ll be off to Sri Lanka for a week. I’ve had very little time to blog while here but 15,000 photos, a spicy stomach, a new understanding of clean, lots of dust in my lungs, many new faces, and many more learnings will be blogged about eventually. There is TONS of opportunity ┬áin India…. lots of Traditions are held as well though…..But for now, just an update for those that can help me in my next locations..

I’m seeking must meet people, unique behind the scenes experiences, and must eat places…
Jan 22-29 :Sri Lanka
Jan 29-Feb 5: Dubai (potential stop in Kuwait)
Feb 6-15: Egypt
Feb 15-20:Tel aviv, or paris, or Barcelona
Feb 20-30: Iceland
March 1-13: Potentially Cuba