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#002: Travel the World

Iceland Winter

Iceland Winter is amazing,if not better than the summer though I have not experienced that yet. The main reason I’m thinking this is because the Northern Lights and Ice Caves adventure both of which only can be seen, experienced in the winter months between November and March.

Quick thoughts on Iceland is that it is incredibly clean, the water is delicious which you can drink from anywhere, they care about he environment, the food is pretty dang good, you just live with the snow here, and that the weather is unpredictable and changes every 30 minutes…

Most of my updates are via just the jump shots which you can see on the sidebar here(not on mobile) or on  Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr. I’ll add a few iceland pictures here though.

Next up is Boston briefly, then Vancouver/Whistler for TED, then 3 weeks each in Turkey and Greece, though my plans have not been planned out for those. Ping me for tips, or join me!

Pics after the jump.

DSC04346 DSC03718 DSC04509 DSC04310 DSC04277 DSC03959 DSC04666 DSC04752

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  1. Hi! I’m your sister Audrey’s friend living in Paris. Hope to meet you when you come over here (our couch is open for a night if you’d like). We’re planning to do Iceland for NYE too! Would love to exchange travel stories and hear what you’re up to. Cheers 🙂 -melissainparis.com

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