The last 3 weeks has been monitoring, tracking, waiting, deciding on when to buy tickets. Airline prices fluctuate constantly. I thought I’d document a few tips I’ve learned over the weeks.

  1. Incognito Browser: When searching, use a Incognito Browser so websites do not track your searches. (Google Chrome Browser offers this)… When they track your searches they know when to raise prices on you. In an Incognito Browser they think it is your first search each time, hence the best prices.

  2. Buy on Saturday or Monday: There is all kinds of research saying when prices are best. It is true prices go up and down throughout the weeks, but I’ve also learned the earlier, the better…or you take the gamble until a few days before when airlines drop prices to fill in the seats, but they also mega raise the price if they think those seats are highly desired… and if traveling during holidays…they will be taken…

  3. Alternative Transportation: Consider not just flying but Trains, buses, private drivers, boats, etc. I’m use to flying to a  place then taking cabs/Uber  everywhere. But then I just realized in India (my first stop) trains and buses are really cheap, and private drivers cost about 10-15$ usd a day to go anywhere!!! Instead of flying to A-B-C for say 150-200$ each flight in India, I can just hire a Cab…even though it takes hours to drive to places…I can have them drive overnight. Even if you don’t overnight sleep in these cars, the cost is cheap.. 1) You don’t have to seek a cab each time 2)No need to bargain every time you catch a cab, especially if you are a tourist…they like to overcharge by double if no triple if they see you. 3)You can make tons of stops 4) You can leave bags in this ca while you venture for the day.