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#002: Travel the World

Dreaming Antarctica

One of my DREAM adventures is into the mystical south Antarctica though thus far to trek into the real center I’ve learned I have to be a government scientist to scuba dive, or to conduct real scientific experiments… I’ve also learned that even if you are one, you need to apply for grants which cost a TON….upwards of 10-15k a day for a human to live there… Not a cheap place to journey to.

The next best option that I’ve found is the tourist cruise, though they range from leisure, to workshops, to leadership programs.
If you know another exploratory option, pleeeease let me know. Otherwise I’ll list the few that I’ve looked into:

– www.2014.com: Leadership program run by Robert Swan. 2 week journey to educate and empower individuals about the need to preserve Antarctica and the world for better. If accepted will cost upwards of $22k for 14 days.

– Frans Lantig Photographers Photo Tour: One of the best nature photographers out there and awesome person. I met him at a conference and we have been friends since. He has tours in Africa, Greenland, Antarctica ($15-20k)

– Polar Latitude: This one came upon a recommendation from a friend, though its the same one Frans uses. ($7-15k 1-3 weeks)

– National Geographic Expedition: The name says it all, though it does look a bit more leisurely from the photos. ($22k, 24 days)

– Polar Cruises: Another one a friend sent($10-15k, for 2-3 weeks)

Once I figure my journey I’ll update this post…

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  1. Hey Tango, impressive internet presence you’ve got going here. It was great catching up on some of the stuff you have been doing.

    One suggestion. On my android phone here it wasn’t clear to me at first (on the facebook page and the wordpress site), if I was looking at sites of yours or just a site that you “liked” on facebook. Maybe you need an “About Aaron” link somewhere? Or, you know, just a tag somewhere that says something like “this site created by Tango, an irrepressible force of nature with friends all over the world!”

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