I Said Go

#002: Travel the World

Month: November 2014

Dreaming Antarctica

One of my DREAM adventures is into the mystical south Antarctica though thus far to trek into the real center I’ve learned I have to be a government scientist to scuba dive, or to conduct real scientific experiments… I’ve also learned that even if you are one, you need to apply for grants which cost a TON….upwards of 10-15k a day for a human to live there… Not a cheap place to journey to.

The next best option that I’ve found is the tourist cruise, though they range from leisure, to workshops, to leadership programs.
If you know another exploratory option, pleeeease let me know. Otherwise I’ll list the few that I’ve looked into:

– www.2014.com: Leadership program run by Robert Swan. 2 week journey to educate and empower individuals about the need to preserve Antarctica and the world for better. If accepted will cost upwards of $22k for 14 days.

– Frans Lantig Photographers Photo Tour: One of the best nature photographers out there and awesome person. I met him at a conference and we have been friends since. He has tours in Africa, Greenland, Antarctica ($15-20k)

– Polar Latitude: This one came upon a recommendation from a friend, though its the same one Frans uses. ($7-15k 1-3 weeks)

– National Geographic Expedition: The name says it all, though it does look a bit more leisurely from the photos. ($22k, 24 days)

– Polar Cruises: Another one a friend sent($10-15k, for 2-3 weeks)

Once I figure my journey I’ll update this post…

WWOOF: Weekend Working on Organic Farms

I was just sent a suggestion to check out WWOOF (Weekend Working on Organic Farms) during my travels. In brief WWOOF is a network of Farmers worldwide willing to exchange your labor at their farm for food, housing, and something less touristy but real. I’ve had a few friends do this and each have given rave experiences… meeting real people, seeing the real country, eating real local food, learn about organic farming, and also saving lots of money.

I’ll be giving this a go in a few places on my worldwide journey where I do not know many people. I think it might be the same experience as AirBnB in that you get to know someone locally very well, get some local knowledge, and real home cooked food…and if on a farm, perhaps even better food than what you get in a restaurant…

If you have WWOOFFed, leave a comment, or let me know how it was.

There is the main wwooff group or the independent one though both seem to cover most of the globe with opportunities.

2 other options for work exchange (not necessarily farm work) is WorkAway and HelpX, both added to my RESOURCES page.

Travel, Jump, Fun


I’ve been thinking about doing something fun while I travel the world, and realized over the years I’ve been doing this goofy jump in the Air that many do (I think).  As I travel I’ll Instagram and Flickr these images and tag them #isaidgo.

I probably got influenced by my awesome buddy Matt Harding who made an uber goofy dance that made the world smile though I do not expect to get viral like him… but hopefully it inspires people to let go, say go, and dream.  I’m leaving my dream job, to chase a larger dream, but starting off  by traveling the world to relearn, explore, and live this world!

Join my photo jumping and twitter, instagram, tag it, etc  #isaidgo. Maybe you’ll beat me to it!