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#002: Travel the World

Planning World Trip


I’ve learned lots in the short few weeks planning all of this:
1. Is it better to do one long around the world trip, or break it down into say 4-5 segments though it might cost more?
2. Organizing is good. Initially I was going to wing it as some friends have, but something about a spreadsheet soothes me.
3. Visa, shots, etc…yup…need to think about where to go and what early to get all the needs down.
4. Have a plan or goal. Interviews, food treks, adventures, etc… It’s good to let friends know early so they can help plan your adventure as well.

Anyhow, I’m still early in the process but I thought I’d post 3 schedules that I’ve documented thus far to see my thinking… after the jump…

Map 1
I was looking at Star Alliance Around the World tickets… It’s suppose to cost much less, but your suppose to fly out of the same place you flew into, otherwise it’ll cost you a flight… Above you’ll see the BLUE lines being the AROUND THE WORLD FAIR…for about $7k…The redlines would be additional tickets that I’d buy (plane, train, bus, etc). I’m not sure how much it would cost but maybe another 5k, so 13-15k total. This was my first attempt, but I’d also not return to Boston… do I want to?

Map 2
Ok, i finally started a spreadsheet. I hate spreadsheets in general but they work for reasons. I jotted down the several conferences I already plane to attend, and mapped things around that. IN grey are thins I’d have to skip. Green are a GO, yellow are conferences, and Blue are the trips. I’ve always heard do not plan, but this helps me think.

Map 3
So after Map 1, I realized I do no know much about each location. I was planning to go to Russia in January, which is crazy cold… so I made another map after talking to some people about best times to visit… Also I reconsidered some conferences I already have tickets for…but who knows.

I’ll add more Schedules as I go….


  1. Thinking about weather can make packing easier if you are doing only one climate. But don’t let weather dictate your dreams. The locals live there year round. There is always something to see/do/learn, it’s just that it might be different in the off season.

    I went to Fairbanks for Thanksgiving last year. The guidebook was useless, but I had a great time and I would easily return at the same time of year to see that quality of light again from having 4 hour sunrises and 3 hour sunsets. Luckily, I spent a good part of my life in Chicago, so I had reasonable winter gear and wasn’t to phased by the high temp of -26F. How many people can tell that story?

  2. Hi Tango!!! What have you learned about planning now that your 2015 has completed? what would you suggest to other planners? what would you different next time, what will you do more of, less of?

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