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#002: Travel the World

Month: September 2014

Planning World Trip


I’ve learned lots in the short few weeks planning all of this:
1. Is it better to do one long around the world trip, or break it down into say 4-5 segments though it might cost more?
2. Organizing is good. Initially I was going to wing it as some friends have, but something about a spreadsheet soothes me.
3. Visa, shots, etc…yup…need to think about where to go and what early to get all the needs down.
4. Have a plan or goal. Interviews, food treks, adventures, etc… It’s good to let friends know early so they can help plan your adventure as well.

Anyhow, I’m still early in the process but I thought I’d post 3 schedules that I’ve documented thus far to see my thinking… after the jump…

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Post It Quotes


If you’ve visited me in the last several year, you’d probably notice a collection of bright magenta Post-It notes scribbled above my desk. These notes have followed me everywhere and have changed often. They are quotes I’ve learned from friends, leaders, companies, and a few I made. They are a mix of aspirational quotes to push me to become better, but also a list of beliefs I’ve learned over the years to drive great design, ideas, products, and businesses.

This is a picture I took on Sept 26, 2014…I’m sure it will change more as I plan for my journey and even more as I am on my travels, but I thought I’d share it as I know may have taken pictures of it… enjoy!

If you have some others you like yourself…add them to the comments…

TED Global 2014: RIO

So my Grand Journey is not going to start until 2015, but I’m lucky enough to travel to Brazil for TEDGlobal, and will be taking a bit of extra time to visit Floripa where I hear is full of beaches and life, Rio where TED will be held, and then a quick visit to San Paulo which I hear is the NYC of Brazil and I can finally look into a post I had about A City Without Ads.

My exact plans are a bit unplanned even though heading over in a week, but after the jump I’ll provide a useful list of links my friend from Brazil provided…

If your in the know for something to do in Brazil, let me know.

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